UltraISO Premium Edition 9.5.3 Build 2900 + Serial

UltraISO Premium Edition 9.5.3 Build 2900 + Serial | 3.79MB

Handle CD and DVD Images with Ease!

UltraISO is a ISO CD/DVD image file creating/editing/converting tool, it can directly edit the CD/DVD image file and extract files and folders from it, as well as directly make ISO files from your CD/DVD-ROM or hard disk. At the same time, you can maintain the ISO bootable information, thus creating your own bootable CD/DVDs. You now have the power to make and edit your own ISO files, and then burn them to CD/DVD for your own needs.

Changes in 9.5.3 Build 2900:

Can edit ISO images of Windows 7/8 x64 with EFI boot record
Can directly create bootable USB disk of Mac OS X Mountain Lion from dmg image
New bootpart device driver, supports accessing boot partition(deep hidden) within Windows (PE) environment
Supports high-end hidden boot partition (bootmgr)
Supports duplicating bootable USB flash drives (RAW mode)
Sector alignment on formatting USB Flash Drive as FAT volume
Can detect and use DVBFab virtual drive
Fixed a bug with handing ISO images of Fedora 17 and CentOS 6.2
Fixed a bug with image splitting on VMWare Fusion(MAC) or Wine(Linux)
Some minor improvements and bug fixes

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Kaspersky 2012 Activator 1.1 RC3

Kaspersky 2012 Activator 1.1 RC3 | 162.2KB

100% Working!

Tested by me...

Activates automatically with updated keys!

Just run and click activate!

Disable Kaspersky Protection before using it!


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liQeNSoft Bitdefender Activator v2.0 Beta 4 (for Bitdefender AV/IS 2013)

liQeNSoft Bitdefender Activator v2.0 Beta 4 (for Bitdefender AV/IS 2013) | 1.45MB

This awesome Activator by liQenSoft will activate your Bitdefender Antivirus 2013 or Internet Security 2013 for 365 days.

100% Working!

Tested by me...

Follow Instructions given in download!


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Deep Freeze Standard v7.30.020.3852 + Serial

Deep Freeze Standard v7.30.020.3852 + Serial | 3.68MB

Your computer, like new with every restart... 
Deep Freeze by Faronics is the ultimate line of defense for your computer's security.
Memorising your computer's settings and configuration, Deep Freeze returns your system to its original state with every restart.
Forget spending hours troubleshooting hard-to-diagnose problems. With Deep Freeze, full system recovery is as easy as restarting your computer. It's that simple.

Bulletproof Your Computer

Faronics Deep Freeze makes your computer indestructible. It protects your computer by freezing its original configuration, which prevents unwelcome or unwanted changes from sticking. With a simple “reboot-to-restore”, your system integrity is maintained helping your machine to run smoothly and efficiently. Faronics Deep Freeze will have you spending more time in your home/office and less time in the repair shop.

The Eternal Fountain of Youth

By ensuring 100% workstation recovery with every restart, your computer can hang onto its ‘new computer smell’ much longer. In addition to enjoying the efficiency of running a clean and lean machine, Faronics Deep Freeze extends the life of your computer from an average of 2.5 years to 4-5 years.

The Layered Security Approach

With 60,000 new unique pieces of malware emerging daily, relying on one method of security alone is no longer enough. A layered security approach protects against multiple layers of potential threats, giving you a first-rate security system and peace of mind. Integrating with your existing Anti-Virus, Deep Freeze provides peace of mind of knowing that any threats that might pass by an anti-virus program can be easily repaired on restart with Deep Freeze.


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DriverEasy Professional + Crack

DriverEasy Professional + Crack  | 2.91MB

Automatically Detect, Download, Backup, Restore and Uninstall Drivers. 
Automatically Detect Unknown Device Drivers
Keep your Drivers Up-to-Date
Over 1,000,000 Hardware Driver Database
Driver Backup, Restore & Uninstall Features
Extremely Easy-to-Use
Driver Easy Features:

Your One-Stop Driver Solution
Driver Easy is design for quickly and easy to identify unknown device's drivers, and keep your driver in latest version. Much more, we have implement driver backup, driver restore, and driver uninstall feature, to ensure your driver secure and safe.

Smart "Auto-Installation"
This smart feature is our Industry first technology! It enable user to install the driver automatically ,even help you extract, analyze & install it. What you need to do is to click your mouse once or twice.

Detect Unknown Device Driver
Driver Easy has a huge online database, which include over 100,000,000 hardware device's driver, with it revolutionary driver detect engine, it help you download the unknown device driver, help you fix the driver issue.

Keep Existing Driver Up-to-Date
With our daily update driver database, your system will improve the performance, fix the blue screen problem, add more enhance feature by install the latest drivers.

Backup & Restore Drivers
Do not worry about it if you lost the driver disc, Driver Easy can backup the driver your current installed, you can restore it after system reload. This is an benefit feature if you not sure are the new driver compatible your system or not, you can backup existing driver, and roll-back it later.

Uninstall Removed Hardware Driver
When you replace the graphic card, do you know Windows still keep your old one driver, and will launch it each time, when Windows start up. This will case the system slowing boot up, and may case some system conflict. Driver Easy allow you uninstall the removed hardware, to clean up your system.

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