Apple Safari 5.1.4 Final

Apple Safari 5.1.4 Final | 36.7 MB

Safari – The fastest browser in the world of the corporation Apple. With its simple that Safari loads pages up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 to 60% faster than Firefox, and almost 3 times faster than Opera! Safari is a browser, originally developed for the platform Apple Macintosh, but ported to the OS of Windows. It has all the features needed for comfortable work in the Internet. The program interface is equipped with all the modern tools that should be present in the latest browsers.

Safari – is a Windows-version built into the operating system Mac OS X browser. Then there are the most advanced capabilities inherent in modern browsers. This is a multi-window interface, enhanced security tools (pop-up blocker, displaying the level of web site security, SSL 2/3, etc.), built-in tools for reading RSS-feeds and auto-fill web forms, the mechanism of bookmarks, support for plug-ins and much more. According to the developers, Apple Safari is noticeably faster loading websites and handle their scripts than the popular browser platforms Windows. To use this browser, media player requires QuickTime, which is contained in the installation package of the program.

Features Apple Safari:
* The original stylish browser interface;
* Improved work with bookmarks;
* Simple operation by blocking pop-ups;
* Advanced text search on content downloaded web page;
* Work with tabs;
* Auto-complete forms;
* Built-in client view RSS-feeds;
* The ability to change the size of the input fields on web pages;
* The possibility of private use, not allowing to preserve the history of surfing and input in web forms data.


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