Wise PC Engineer v6.41 Build 216

Wise PC Engineer v6.41 Build 216 | 8.13 MB

Wise PC Engineer – One of the best sets of tools to optimize and configure Windows, system clean of debris, defragment your hard drive and registry, recover deleted files. There is also a built-in optimizer memory, the ability to power off the PC in the schedule, the function 1-Click Tune-up to accelerate the work in one click!

Components of the program:
- Registry Backup – allows you to create a backup of the registry
- Registry Cleaner – clean registry and fix errors in it. It’s fast and reliable tool for system optimization
- Registry Defragment – analyzes and defragments the registry for more efficient operation of the PC
- Startup Program Manager – you can control the downloadable Windows startup programs
- Disk Cleaner – helps clean your hard drive from a different litter
- Disk Defragment – defragment your hard drives, speeding up overall performance of its
- File Recovery – you can recover deleted files (even after cleaning basket
- File / Folder / Drive Scrub – a handy tool for secure destruction of files (without possibility of renewal)
- Memory Optimizer – frees memory, which significantly improves the performance of your PC
- Windows Auto Shutdown – allows you to turn off your computer at specified time
- File / Folder Hider – quickly hide files and folders from prying eyes
- Application Encrypt and Unencrypt – may prohibit the launch of certain programs
- 1-Click Tune-up – optimization of the computer in a click!

• Scanning and cleaning of hard drives from unnecessary and temporary files
• Fast, thorough and safe work
• Exports the scanning results in MS Excel file
• The ability to delete files in the basket
• The safest Registry cleaning tools available in the market today
• Fast, thorough and safe work
• Scan Windows registry and find incorrect or obsolete information
• The output of each problem separately, together with their description
• Automatic cleaning of the registry
• Undo the acts committed in the system a few mouse clicks
• Create a backup system registry and restore
• Increase your system performance.


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