NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner

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NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner is an intuitve tool that enables users to easily split or merge their files.

The application can be used to split a big file, for example of 10 GB, into smaller files, allowing users to save the file to USB devices or to CD-ROMs.

The split files can then be joined to recreate the original file, the merging process is very quick and it does not stress CPU, neither does the splitting process.

Here are some key features of “NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner”:

· Full unicode support
· Lightweight in memory and CPU-friendly
· Merge split files to original file
· Split big file into smaller files
· Split file in custom chunk sizes
· Support multilanguage
· Very quick in splitting and joining procedures
· Very user-friendly GUI

What’s New in This Release:

· Full unicode support
· Added multilanguage support
· Added Italian language
· Updated file checksum functions


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