Norton 360
Norton 360 | 121.17MB

Norton 360 large amounts of viruses, worms, Trojans, software bugs and threats arising from them, the anti-virus software for all computers has become one of the necessary tools and importance of this issue. Additional pages will be constantly open to the internet "and cases and numerous examples of this, and when the subject is interesting to notice that today we only live Internet worms and Trojans and viruses and the Internet might not be the primary residence or ie place of birth unknown organisms. But as we know the past is related to computer equipment also dramatically increased, broadcasting machinery of the accessories such as music-Mp3player, mobile devices-Mobile, along with memory or Flash memory and are ... be noted that a good place to live and spread of these organisms are banana.
Features software, Norton 360
  • Security software that automatically protects your system
  • Auto delete virus-infected emails and messages from infected
  • Blocking malicious worm
  • You stop the trace log by spyware Spyware
  • All information provided backup and restore data as needed for computer drives
  • Local backup features of CD, DVD and external drive
  • Additional information is removed in order to reduce the performance of computer system performance
  • Delete a record performance in the Khvdkarjht prevent being hacked by hackers and personal information disclosed to the
  • Equipped with sonar technology to protect users of financial activities on the Internet
  • Equipped with filters to detect fake sites, known as "phishing" to prevent entry to these sites without the user 
  • being aware


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